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Bridge Construction and Repair in Ohio & Nationwide

A bridge being constructed is one of the most fascinating tasks that can be witnessed, and it is also one of the most complicated tasks as well. From the plans being drawn on paper to the final piece of road placed on top of the bridge, bridge building and repair is a long haul process that needs to be done with time and care.

BridgesThere are several types of bridges in existence today, such as beam bridges, cantilever bridges, suspension bridges, arch bridges cable bridges and truss bridges. Due to the locations that bridges are needed in, such as over water or deep valleys, special operating equipment and skilled workers are needed to complete the project.

Steel erectors participate in the bridge building process due to the need for steel cables and beams and for the need of heavy equipment and cranes. Cranes are used to hoist the heavy pieces of steel and concrete and position them in their places throughout the bridge. Many concrete bridges are pieced together by running steel cable through them to give them support and hold them together. Prefabricated concrete pillars and bridge supports are placed under water or in the ground as the bridge foundation. Placement of bridge materials has to be done in a process manner to provide the bridge the support that it needs.

Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. has the equipment and skilled professionals needed to complete bridge construction and bridge repair. Years of experience and trained workers will be on site to ensure a smooth process and meet deadlines.