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Reinforcing Steel Fabrication and Installation

Reinforcing steel provides the stability that concrete structures need in order to be safe and have a long existence. Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. has the experience needed in today’s steel industry to fabricate and install reinforcing steel.

Reinforcing SteelConcrete is strong but also needs tension to make it stable and steel reinforcement is what gives concrete the tension that it needs. The reason why steel is often used to reinforce concrete is due to the fact that steel and concrete have similar thermal expansion qualities. In simple terms, when the air gets hot, the steel and the concrete expand well together and when the air gets cold, it contracts well together. Steel that is placed in concrete for support has ribbing on it that prevents the steel from slipping or moving around in the concrete. This steel comes in form of cables which are cast inside the concrete.

Reinforcement of the concrete with steel is done on or off the job site by using hydraulic benders and shears and is completed by using rebar cages to set the concrete with the steel reinforcement. In precast concrete, steel reinforcement is done as the prefabricated concrete is being cast. If curing concrete on a job site, reinforcement is completed while on the site of the job.

Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. has experienced concrete reinforcement workers which know all of the basics and beyond of placing steel reinforcements in concrete to provide stability to concrete structure or project.