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Structural Steel Maintenance In Ohio & Nationwide

While steel is a strong and sturdy building material, there are repairs and maintenance that may need to take place over the years. Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. can handle all of your structural steel maintenance tasks with experience and reliability.

Today it is good practice in the industry to coat steel with protective materials that will protect steel from the elements and corrosion. Corrosion is defined as the breakdown of materials due to natural elements such as oxygen and water. The protective coating usually comes in paint form and is applied to the steel to prevent rusting and corrosion. There are also other ways to protect steel and metal materials, such as electroplating. It is very important to make sure that structural steel is protected to prevent corrosion and break down. The best way to prevent corrosion is by prevention.

Steel also breaks down and becomes unstable due to vibrations. In a bridge for example, the constant vibration caused by cars moving across the bridge can cause the steel joints to become weak and unstable over time. There have been numerous bridge and building collapses over the years due to steel joints weakening and becoming unstable.

Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. has technically trained workers which will inspect your structure and it’s steel components to make sure it is in stable condition. If problems are found, Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. has the qualifications to maintain the steel and prevent and future problems from arising.