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Overhead Crane & Runway Installation

Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. has the experience needed to successfully install overhead cranes and runways. Overhead cranes and runways are essential in the steel building and construction industries.

An overhead crane works by a hoist which is fixed on a trolley. The trolley then moves in one direction on the beam at a right angle. Overhead cranes are typically installed at factories, most notably steel factories. They are meant to be used a permanent fixtures for lifting and hoisting items that humans are not able to lift on their own. In the steel industry, the overhead crane works in every step along the way of manufacturing steel. Other manufacturers such as automobile companies also use overhead cranes to move vehicles or heavy pieces of equipment throughout the factory.

In order for the overhead crane to operate smoothly, the runway system must be constructed to withstand the tough jobs being performed by the crane and run smoothly at all times. The runway is the backbone of the crane system which allows the crane to move without hesitation along the rail, which enables loads in traveling from one part of the factory to another.

Henry Gurtzweiler Inc. has the knowledge you need for your overhead crane and runway installation needs. Not only can we install your overhead crane and runway system with ease, but we will test the system to make sure operation is efficient and accurate.